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Small Fry Toy Aircraft

Welcome to SmallFry Riding Airplanes. You have a choice of three diiferent plans to build toy riding airplanes for kids. We have three models,Sopwith Camel,Fokker D-7,and Stearman PT-17.With easy to find parts from Rockler or any local hardware store, you can build these amazing airplanes for your 3 to 7 year old. These plans consist of two 24"x36" detailed blueprints for constructing the coolest little toy airplanes that your kids can actually pedal around the house or yard! You have to see them to get a true idea of what they look like and once you do, you're sure to order a set of plans for your 3 to 7 year old son,daughter,grandson or grandaughter or any special little one in your life. So don't delay get started today so your special little pilot can use thier imagination and soar into the clouds. Check Them out today !

Stearman PT-17 Plans   Fokker D-7 Plans   Sopwith Camel Plans  

  • Choice of 3 different Peddle Powered airplanes
  • Exact replicas of World War One airplanes
  • Complete set of Woodworking plans with materials list
  • Made completely of plywood
  • Easy to find hardware from Rockler
  • Great for woodworkers, Hobbyists and toy makers, Makes A great Gift.
  • Stick steering controls
  • Great gift for your kids or grandkids or your special little pilot.
  • Lets your child use their imagination to soar into the clouds.
  • Easy to order Using our Secure Site, Paypal
  • 30-day money back guarantee!
  • We ship worldwide
  • Woodworking Plans consist of 2, 24"x36" detailed sheets with Steering & Wheel Assembly Pictures
  • Woodworking Plans sell for $29.95 USD per set (Free shipping)
  • Buy All 3 Woodworking Plans For only $81.00USDSave 10% (Free shipping)

To View Our Planes Click Below

Sopwith Camel Plans   Stearman Pt-17 Plans   Fokker D-7 Plans  

We Accept Paypal,checks and E Checks.

To send us your order via U.S. Mail please use the following address: Small Fry Toy Aircraft, 861 N. Bush St., Ukiah, Ca. 95482, Please make checks or money orders payable to: Sharon Clary

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